Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Modern Day convenience I can not live without!

A vacuum cleaner. Really. I think I could live with out a dishwasher (though not happily.) I know we have lived without a dryer. But a vacuum in a family of 6, well that becomes a necessity. Despite having a dog (wouldn't you think of a dog as a 4 legged vac?) our living room looks trashed at the end of 24 hours. There is debris, cheerio detritus from the littles, and just stuff. Weird stuff that I don't always want to look at too closely! LOL

On Saturday our vacuum died. It is an electrolux and by and large a hardy beast. But it refused to continue vacuuming and croaked. I took it to the store where i bought it only to discover an empty store front and a tiny sign with a phone number to call for service. ACK! I went home and called but of course it wasn't till Sunday night that we got a call back letting us know that Tuesday he would come to do CPR on said ill vac. Many days. Many debris filled days!

I am happy to say that the vacuum is now fixed. It sucks mightily once more. Detritus is gone, at least temporarily. :-)

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