Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Music Class

Our park buddies told us of a music class that they have been participating in which is right down the street from us. One feels rather foolish to find you have been driving 20 miles to another city for music classes when there was one literally in your back yard. The fact that it is held in the church that i used to worship at for many many years adds to the general irony of it all.

Today was a free demo class so I took the 2 littles with Rob coming as my helper. I expected that KC would love the class. I think he will eventually. He liked components of the class but he is slow to warm up in new situations and there were more people in the class than he felt comfortable with.

Lissa on the other hand LOVED it. She did everything and where she is just 2 I was amazed to see her step away from me and be so very independent. Chose her instruments, helped put things away, danced and stomped and jumped. You name it, she did it. Except singing. The songs were new to her and she is less likely to try and vocalize something unfamiliar. But I could tell she adored the experience.

So now I have 2 classes to scrape money together for because they are both similar yet significantly different enough that they complement one another. KC wants to return to his familiar surroundings and "Miss Patty" Lissa tolerates Miss Patty's class but clearly adores this one more. I also think if KC saw Andre in his local class he would be more receptive. Andre was sick today so Holly had said he wouldn't be there. The other plus to me was there was a local adoptive family there who had a beautiful AA daughter a few years older than our Lissa. It is important to me that there be those components to experiences whenever possible.

Another cool facet of this class was that the teacher is a guy. Interestingly I noticed Rob was much more relaxed and participatory with a male instructor. So that makes this class important to me too. I want Robbie to see that "real guys" can like music! (grin) And even though the class isn't for him, he does assist as those extra pair of hands if a little tries to head for the high country or something.

So off to do some financial analysis!

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