Monday, December 23, 2013

Dog Sitting

I have today through the 25th off from work.  We had planned to take the littles to an indoor play gym that is running a gym carnival this week. Alas, the roads are a bit slick with icy fog and rainy drizzle, so K will take them on another day. I had hoped to see them doing their thing, but safety is much more important.  Instead, we kept things local, bringing Rob to the girl friends and taking the littles to brunch which they adored.

We are also dog sitting and when we went to feed and walk Jersey we found she had not eaten and was acting depressed. We have cared for her several times over the past few months but this is the longest stretch of time that her people have been gone and we think she is lonely.  With her family's permission via text, we brought her home with us for a few hours of play. That is she and our dog Blake in the picture above.  Blake is a very non-aggressive dog so he has been very good about this, and even pretty much enjoyed it.

The cats and I?  Not so much.  There is a lot of settling that dogs need to do when they come together and it takes--forever!  Jersey is way more hyper than Blake also which is part of it.  I have oodles of patience for a passle of kids.  A passle of pooches?  Probably not so much.  Jersey is set to go home from her play date shortly and I am one happy camper!

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