Monday, December 16, 2013

Lissa, a retrospective of seven years

 December 16, 2006. . . KC was 3 and was trying to email Nana on the computer.  We did not know till a day later that we had a new baby daughter, Elisabeth Ann!

 December 16, 2007.  The first birthday of our littlest princess.

Age 2.  She wasn't loving this party!

 But by age 3, it was lots of fun.  KC was there to help show her the ropes and help her get her party on.
 By age 4, she is in full princess mode!
 Age 5 is still a princess. . .
 And so is age 6!
But by age 7 she decided to have a Minnie Mouse theme.  I should have posted a picture of the decorations to prove it.  I love this picture of her opening a gift though.  She looks so happy.  Happy Happy Birthday my sweet Lissa!

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