Saturday, December 28, 2013

Planning New Years Eve

For many years we have had a tradition where the kids pick a country for us to "travel" to on New Years Eve.  The idea was that we would ring in the New Year earlier because we were in a different time zone. LOL  This worked well while they were much younger and we had some great dinners with new foods from our various countries.  We would make decorations, and play trivia games to learn stuff about the country and its inhabitants, play the music from the region etc. It was a big deal--probably because I seem genetically unable to do things small.  We have been to Poland, Italy, Australia, England and more.

This year KC suggested that we do a Worlds Fair theme.  We all kicked that around for a while and I printed out some information on various Worlds Fairs to help them think things over.  The ultimate end to the great debate was the littles convincing K and I that they could stay up to see the new year in.  And that we should have a buffet with foods from different parts of the United States. So they have decided our New Years Eve buffet will feature :  Corn Chowder for the Northeast. Rob chose this and will make it.
Mini tortilla bites for the SouthWest. Chosen by me and I will make them.  French Bread pizza to honor Chicagos deep dish pizza and so that KC can use his marinara sauce that he got from Santa.  He will help make those.  That covers the heartland!  Then we will have a nice composed green salad to feature California.  We will all help with that one.  I want to make a black eyed pea dip and we will have munchies as well as the night wears on.

I love that the kids could help plan and that we will all be together.  I know that in a few years, maybe even sooner, that this will not be the case.

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