Sunday, December 15, 2013

Suddently almost 7

Tomorrow, Elisabeth will be 7.  She is ecstatic and excited beyond belief.  She has been literally counting the hours to becoming 7 which kind of cracks me up.  But a big part of me is having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that she will be 7!  Wasn't it just a day or so ago that she was a wee babe in my arms, or the tempestuous toddler? She has grown and changed so much in this past year.

She has matured a great deal.  She has a strong will and a very fierce temper but in this past year she has developed a lot more control over it.  I need to enjoy those years of control before puberty sets in, in a few more years!

She has an amazing sense of fashion, notice the scarf she fashioned for herself in the above outfit. It is the silk scarf I wrap her hair in so she can wear a warm hat when she plays outside.   When she was done, this is what she did. She chooses her own clothes and has a very cute quirky sense of style.  I love seeing what she is going to wear each day.

She is amazingly gifted in math.  She grasps math concepts faster than I would think possible. By November she was 60 per cent through with her grade one math program.  She'll be working at second grade level before this school year ends. Her mind is rooted in the logical and the proveable.  Right now she wants to be a vetrenarian or a hair dresser but I would not be surprised to see her eventually move toward a career that utilizes her abilites to use logic.

She is persistant.  As facile as she is with numbers, language work and reading is much more of a challenge.  But she is not put off by a challenge and she has worked really hard to learn to read.  Dick and Jane readers and Dr. Seuss, have helped her make sense of words and it has been so great to see her confidence grow.

She is physically strong.  She can take out her brothers, .  Nuff said.

She is friendly.  None of my kids have trouble making friends, totally debunking the idea that homeschooled kids are introverted weird freaks who can't get along with "real" kids.

Tomorrow she will go with my wife and Rob to see the Enchanted Village and to go ice skating for the first time. I will stay home with KC and Chet. Chet does not want to go but KC is staying home because he is not well.  He is sad but he and I will work on her birthday mural, do the decorating and I will make her vanilla cake. She is also having an ice cream cake and has chosen Chinese food for supper.  Happy Birthday my strong, bright beautiful daughter!