Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A new Chapter

KC has many friends, many of whom are girls.  One girl in particular has been calling the house and they chat animatedly several times a week. She was in his hip hop class this year.  She was the only new girl in the class and felt nervous and out of place those first week.  KC and Lissa both went out of their way to welcome her in and the friendship has blossomed all year.

Last night KC came into the kitchen as I was cleaning up.  He said he had something really REALLY important to tell me and he hoped "I would be cool with it."  He then assured me that Devin's mom "was all ready cool with things."

"The thing is" he said, "Well, Devin and I are a couple now."  Whaaaaaat? I wanted to screech!  You are 10!  10 stinking years old.  I am so not ready for this.

But that sweet face was tipped up to me so earnestly.  I gave him a big hug and said that I loved him and I thought Devin was a sweet girl (this is true) and I was happy for him.  He then asked if he should get Devin a gift or something "because he wasn't really sure how this worked."  I said no gift was really needed,  that making the step from good friend to boyfriend and girl friend was big, but that the most important thing was to enjoy the things about each other that made them like each other in the first place.  "OK cool, Ooma, can I have a popsicle now?"  was his response.

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