Thursday, May 8, 2014

Your dance guy

Tonight will be the last hip hop dance class for this season.  Next Thursday is dress rehearsal for the 2 day recital.  I am always ready for the break when it comes.  We are at the school 3 days or evenings a week because of the  kids varied dance interests.   Lissa has really come along this year and has enjoyed dance itself, not just being with her friends.  KC has always loved dancing and also has tons of friends there.  He is the guy who always welcomes the new kid into class, who reminds everyone to pay attention, who has ideas for the next 5 recital themes.  LOL He wrote a thank you note to a dance pal who gave him a birthday gift and signed it "your dance guy" which cracked me up.

 Recital will be hectic as KC has 3 costume changes and Lissa has 2.   But it will be fun and lots of family and friends are coming over those 2 days to see the little gremlins do their thing.

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