Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First campout of the season!

This picture, taken in a rare moment of sun this weekend shows my fearless little 7 year old daughter rock climbing.  She went all the way to the top and rang the bell.  KC went about 6 feet and said, "take my picture quick, I'm coming down!"  LOL  Different abilities, different moments to shine.

KC's big achievement was successfully solo kayaking.  I was nervous, watching and pacing from the shore, but proud nonetheless as he paddled around under his own steam.  They are growing up for sure!

We spent the weekend camping in the lakes region of the White Mountains at a place that offered many different opportunities for the kids to have fun.  We were with friends too so they also were sharing the experience with a good friend which is always a plus.

In addition to the rock climbing wall, there was a bungee jumper where they could jump really high into the air and/or do flips.  Lissa did 25 flips in a row on one of her session. She learned how to do double flips too.  There was  a spider climb that led to a giant inflatable slide.  There was a skate park for BMX biking and skatboarding.  Rob was in his glory there, skating all day and then heading back with newfound skater compadres to skate by flashlights in the evening.  There was mini golf, kayaking and paddleboats.  And I am sure I am forgetting something. Oh! the rain!  LOL

It poured Friday night and a trip that should have been 2 hours max was about 3 1/2 with the holiday traffic and the horrible weather.  When we stopped for supper our waitress was hard pressed not to guffaw when she heard we were tent camping.  "that will be fun!" she snorted, heading really quickly to the kitchen where she probably fell down laughing.

We had lots of water in the tent, so much coming from above our fly could not keep us dry, but we still had fun.  We had tall air mattresses so that helped a bit.  Saturday was okay till about 3 and then it started raining again.  We headed back to our tent, ate a quick supper and invited our friends to squish into our tent for card games. I brought a slew of them, and they brought a few as well.  Again, it was fun, though wet.  Sunday the weather was nice all day and most of the night.  But by 6:30 on Monday morning, our friend the rain had returned.  Made for a soggy breakdown of camp but we were nonetheless on the road by 9 and back home by a bit after 11.

I think fun is what you make of it.  Certainly rainy camping trips are not my preference.  The clean up takes longer, and keeping the kids happy is certainly more work. But by and large, my group have learned that we are there to have fun and fun will be had regardless. It may get changed up from our plan, but it will still be fun.

Now I am ready to head back to work tomorrow, with great memories of our campout to sustain me. I am sure my desk is buried!

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