Sunday, May 11, 2014

Best Weekend Ever!

Fiona was here this weekend and it was such a great weekend. All week long she had been calling home, chatting with Rob and there was a great level of excitement and secrecy surrounding some Mothers Day plans.  I was excited that she wanted to do something for us for Mothers Day. But it is a emotionally charged holiday and I had a certain level of concern as well.  During the week she had a couple incidents at the group home and I worried that she was going to crash and burn emotionally before the holiday even arrived.  What if she could not come home after all the planning she was doing?  Like my Chet, it is hardest for her to manage her behaviors when she is stressed.  Even when it is something she is looking forward to, it can be too much and put her over the edge.

She arrived on Saturday  in good form though.  The director of the house dropped her off, as there are some staffing issues at present.  He and I chatted while the kids got her things inside.  I like Jim very much and i think he "gets" my daughter more than other people at the program do.  He had found two exciting resources for her --volunteer opportunities that sound like very good fits for her personality.

We spent Saturday in a fairly typical way. We went to the library, made scones for Kirsty's mothers day breakfast (huge shout out to the Pioneer Woman's vanilla bean scones.  Try them, they will not dissapoint!) The kids played outside--we played kick ball and messed around with sidewalk chalk. They played with a young boy who was visiting my neighbor.  Ironically it turned out the child's mom knows my Fiona and works at her program.  Small world!    I made a big stir fry for supper.

Rob's friend from skateboarding came by and wound up stayiing to watch a movie with Rob and Fiona after the littles were put to bed.  Fiona had no night terrors this visit which was great.  We got up early this morning to give Kirsty breakfast in bed and her presents.  She got gift cards and wind chimes, postit notes and hand made cards and flowers .  And scones.  We must not forget her favorite scones!  While she relaxed I got the rest of the tribe fed and ready for church and the kitchen tidy.  Fiona came to church with us and she and I worked in the children's program.

Back at home it was time for Rob to help K at the factory.  They left to do that and the rest of us went to a local park to hike.  Mostly you hike in, as they limit vehicle traffic there.  It was a quiet, easy walk though.  Fiona who is not used to hiking held up quite well. My youngest gremlins of course are strong hikers but instictively held back a bit for their sister.  Once we were at the park itself we fed ducks and fish, messed around on the play equipment and then hiked back.

By this time Kirsty and Rob were home and Fiona announced that K and I had to stay in our work room.  There was much scuttling about and hushed whispers.  Finally we were summoned to the dining room.  I wish my computer was downloading pictures because it was so pretty.  They had found a nice table cloth and dressed the table.  There were decorations. There was a balloon bouquet and sweet gifts from Fi for both of us.  There was strawberry shortcake and ice cream. Somehow, Fiona and the kids had smuggled most of these things in and hidden them while I was talking with Jim on Saturday!  Laughter, hugs and smiles.

It was a day so filled with magic that I can't really write how amazing this all is.  One would have to know how hurt and how truamatized my eldest was, to comprehend the enormity of this journey. I still can't stop smiling.

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