Thursday, May 1, 2014

Celebrations small and large

Celebrations are the markers in life. The puncuation points that make us smile when we look back and remember. . .

May baskets are like that for me, because I remember watching in awe as my grandmother made zillions of these when I was a child.  I was 8 or less when I watched her do this as she passed away when I was 9, but it is such a vivid memory.  Hers were much fancier than mine and there were lots more of them.  That's okay.
What makes it okay is that I passed on the tradition to my kids, who love the secrecy around delivering May baskets and trot around to friends and neighbors dropping them off.

Another celebration in our house is Derby Day.  This is truly a "holiday" in our house and we make silly hats and pretend we are all stylish like the spectators at Churchill Downs.  Then we picnic in the living room and watch the first leg of the Triple Crown together.  If anyone dares visit, they too must agree to wear a hat and watch and join the picnic  LOL  (and they have!)

What I love is that my kids remember these things without me.  They came to me this week with the list of folks to get May baskets and KC reminded me we needed to get hat supplies for this weekend.  I love that even small things matter to them and that maybe they will choose to bring these traditions to their own families as adults.  Or, if they don't, that they will know the importance of joyful moments together and craft their own celebrations.

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