Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I wish for all of us the wisdom to savor life, to engage in our experiences richly, strength to meet the inevitable challenges, and friendships to share the journey.

It was a lovely low key New Years Day here. The kids slept till nearly 7 a.m. You have no idea how LATE that is in our house! LOL After a hearty breakfast, I played with them for a while. I am relishing my time off and the increased family time. I updated my subjects in Robbie's plan book so that when we resume homeschooling after the holidays my end of things is up to date. After lunch, buoyed by my bookkeeping success in the homeschooling arena I ventured into the lair where I do the financial bookkeeping. This is a cold little alleyway off the kitchen (old houses are often oddly configured. In our house this is especially true since it was built before indoor plumbing and electricity) Anyway in this freezing little nook is my ancient imac and the detritis of a years worth of bill paying. I shredded all the things that needed shredding, filed all the things that needed filing and set up the new files for 2009. To say I feel virtuous is the greatest understatement in the world!

Celebrated all that responsible adult behavior with helping the kids make scratch art snowflakes to hang from our dining room chandelier. Rob and KC are really good at these (they were actually left over from decorations we did for solstice last year) and this year Lissa could bring the finished ones to me so that I could hang them. They look amazing, and dangle nicely adding a bit of festivity now that all the Yule decorations are put away.

For supper, KC Lissa and Rob wanted to make pizza so the kiddos had that while K and I had more lentil soup. (though we jazzed it up. Last night we made it from the classic italian recipe we found on line. It was um, bland springs readily to mind! ) I almost don't know what to do with my free time. We don't have any piece work right now. Usually I have 4 hours of that to do at night. KC has fallen asleep the past couple nights at a normal time and i have had time to actually read a book that had chapters. An adult book! LOL I hesitate to get too excited. Last time that happened I got within 40 pages of the end and his sleep cycle changed and my reading window disappeared. I tried to renew the book at the library and someone else had it on reserve so i had to return it with the last 40 pages unread.

So now, shall I dare to hope that I can read again tonight???? Hmmmm, we will see what the first night of the new year holds!

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