Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quiet Saturday!

I am lying--they are NEVER quiet Saturdays!  LOL  Up at 6 and shopping with the kids for groceries by 7:30.  Got tulip plants while we were out--one for my mom which K will bring up tomorrow and one for the elderly couple that live next door to us. They are sweet to our kids and the wife has alzheimers and mobility issues so I thought the bright yellow blooms would brighten their day.

Then off to the post office to mail some things out to Fiona and my tax return.  And then the library and dance class.  We are home now and enjoying the glorious weather.  In between dashing out to bask in the unseasonably warm sun and temperate breezes, I have cleaned the kitchen, including my former computer area and put on dough for making sweet bunny buns for tomorrows breakfast.  Eggs are boiling for dying later, dessert for tonights supper is chillin' in the fridge.  Things are chugging right along at their 'slow' pace!  LOL

K re-did Lissa's braids yesterday and used some new, larger pony beads that I got at   Steph has the most amazing collection of beads and my girl probably has way more beads than she needs because I am always finding a cute color or style to add to our stash.  With these slightly larger beads though we didn't need to do millions of tiny braids and the whole style process was literally cut in half.  Lissa sits well for this, but she very much appreciated the quicker turn around time for her "do."

One of the moms at KC's dance class just had a baby. That, coupled with our next door neighbors just having another have given me baby fever.  However I am the only one with baby fever.  I keep hinting at K that 'maybe just one more" and she keeps looking at me like I am demented.  Which I probably am.  But oh my goodness I love having a larger family.  And cuddling babies.  Like I pretty much never put them down.  I wear them often but put them down?  Not often.

Off to soak up more vitamin D!

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