Friday, October 19, 2012

And there was light!

It feels like we have been renovating our front hall forever.  It started in the summer with painting, continued into the fall with more painting and also with restoration of the front doors side lights and the french doors.  Curtains were purchased and hung.  Closets were ordered.  Lighting was purchased in the summer and we asked our neighbor who is an electrician to wire in the lights for us.  He was doing a big job, could we wait a few weeks?  Sure.  Weeks stretched into months.  We would ask gently but didn't want to nag.  After all he is a neighbor! LOL

This week my wife left a note at his house begging and letting him know the closets are due to arrive today.  He showed up yesterday and after about 5 hours of work, we have stunning lights in our front hall for the first time ever.  Before, the majority of illumination came from a small table lamp. There were two wall mounted sconces but they did not do much. Also the location of those lights was not helpful given the new closets we have coming.

Our new lights are much brighter but are also on a dimmer switch so we can have them very dim if we wish.  And, there is now a switch near the front door.  In the past, the only light switch for the sconces was way on the other side of the room.  It looks amazing!  He did have to run the wiring outside the walls and cover it with that paintable plastic stuff whose name escapes me, but I have that at work also and it paints up well and is readily concealed.

And today. . . closets!!!  I can hardly wait to hang up my coat.  LOL

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