Monday, October 8, 2012

More Searching

I finally heard back from our out of state adoption agency last night. They said that they had no information about KC's first mom and no real idea how to contact her. BUT that Lissa's first mom had contacted them and would like some pictures and a letter. So last night I wrote T. a letter and enclosed 3 pages of pictures. I am also going to enclose a 5 x7  copy of the dance school pic as that is a "real" photographer taken shot. It is not the best shot of Lissa as she looks very serious and KC is in the shot too.  But it is photographer quality and I think that makes it worth sending.   The 3 pages I took are candids but I thought she would like them as they encompass pretty much a 12 month period of Lissa's life.  Those go out tomorrow in the mail as today is a holiday for much of the world, though not for me. LOL

I wrote to the agency that did our homestudy for the adoption today and explained about KC's situation.  I am hoping that they will have some insights as to how to most sensitively progress with this.  I have gone through my data which is pretty comprehensive as the hospital did not redact her personal info when they gave us the paperwork. So I have her address as of 2004, her full name, her DOB and SSN  I have the name and address and phone number of an emergency contact. This person does not appear to be one of her parents.  While I wait to hear back from our homestudy agency, who I think are very sharp and will hopefully have some good ideas, I have registered with the Illinois adoption registry.  If she should search, our info will pop up.  I am also thinking of asking Amazing Jane what tools the Great School uses for search as I know they have helped Fiona try to find family.  However there is DCF involvement there which may make it happen differently.  And I keep reading his first mothers writing saying "no contact" and the story of the conception and hoping that if she does ever connect that the wonder that is my joyful little son will outshine any of the hurt and shame surrounding the rest of the situation.

I looked on Facebook again and there are literally thousands of people with KC's mom's first and last name.  There is no way that I can see to filter by age or ethnicity or region, any of which would make things quicker for me.  Hey Mark Zuckerberg, if you are reading my blog those would be cool things to do to help people connect more easily. LOL 

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