Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thinking of New Years???

I know the year is racing by at  faster than light speeds, but my kids have truly surprised me.  Every year we choose a new country for our New Years Eve festivities. Our food, games and decorations will all revolve around the customs of that country.

Usually this is a source of much evening debating and copious suggestions.  Some of the more unusual typically come from Chet. Since we are vegetarian  I have ruled out cultures that eat odd animal parts for several years now as I can't figure out how to make the dishes something we could or would eat. Nor could any of us wrap our mind around trying fermented goats milk.  LOL

This  year KC hit a home run.  He suggested Belgium because they all adore home made waffles.  And just like that, it was decided!  They are ALL on board with it and let me tell you that is mighty unusual in our family.  I am envisioning a waffle bar with a myriad of syrups and other toppings as our main meal.  And I am findiing out some interesting things about Belgium too as we start our research.  Stay tuned!

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