Saturday, October 27, 2012


Halloween is fast approaching and it appears that Mother Nature may have another trick up her sleeve!  Last year we had the freaky snowstorm that took out power lines and postponed trick or treating till the first Friday in November.  It was sort of surreal to say the least.  This year, we may have a hurricane, or snow, or wind and rain. It is unclear what we will have and what the severity will be, but I am pretty sure something will happen.  I have done some storm prep outside, getting in things that could blow etc and will finish that up tomorrow.  I am fairly philosophical about all this.  It will be as it will be.  This house has withstood many a blow, at least 3 hurricanes in my lifetime, the hurricane of 38 and 59 in  my moms.  Things were made to last in those days and we have worked hard to keep things up.  So I will trust to the goddess that my preparations are adequate and we will hope for the best.

We also spent time at a friend's birthday party today.  E always has a costume party and all 3 of my kids who attended opted to dress in costume.  KC is Bumblebee the transformer, Lissa is Super Girl and Rob is Lil Wayne.  He looks cool in dreads!

Regardless of weather we will have a spooky supper on Halloween night, more on that later!

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