Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lissa gets her library card!

One of the things I have learned as a parent is that each of my kids is motivated by totally different things. Chet got a library card because he loved to read from an early age.  Rob struggled a bit to master reading but was enthralled with the very atmosphere of a library.  It was a quiet place where he loved to spend time and he got his library card early on.  KC learned how to write his name by his 6th birthday so that he could join the illustrious ranks of being a "card holder". He is very much the guy who is always trying to keep up with the "big bros."  Lissa is coming up on age 6 (her birthday is in December). Suggestions that she learn to write our last name so that she could get her own card were viewed with, um apathy is a word that springs to mind. Zero interest.  Yawnsville.  Why bother when she could take out books and movies on my card or her brothers?  Our last name is relatively long and though she can write her first name, she was completely uninspired to challenge herself.

Till inspiration struck.  Like most libraries, ours has computers.  Lissa always wants to use the computer in the children's room.  I have always said that they are for kids who don't have a computer at home.  Till I realized that hey, she needs a children's library card to access said computer.  Total light bulb moment for the mom!  I explained this rule to her--which is true.  Adults can't use their card on the children's room computers.  She spent this week feverishly practicing our last name.  And wrote it flawlessly on her new library card this morning.  Whereupon she then had 30 minutes on the library computer playing exactly the same game on line there that she plays at home.  LOL

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