Thursday, October 18, 2012

KC's First mom search

I heard back from the agency that did our homestudy really quickly.  They said given all the information that I had gathered on KC's first mom, that they felt it was okay to use internet search engines and look for her.  I hope to do this next week.  I planned to do it this week but I need to use my work computer as mine here at home is so slow and arthritic.  I have not even had a lunch hour  minute this week as things have been so crazy.  If I find Y, and I deeply hope that I do, I can go back to our home study agency for asisstance in the first contact.  I think I would want to do it that way as I don't want to hurt her and I really trust the two ladies from our home studying agency.  I know that they  look out for first mothers as well as adoptive ones. (there is an unbloggable but deeply personal family reason that I know this). So I trust their sensitivitiy and I also think that should Y have questions and things to say it might be easier to say them first to a more neutral person.

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