Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fiona is still in the hospital

I have been on the phone a lot with Fiona these days.  She is back in the hospital after another incident of rage and attempted self harm.  I know in her mind, the fact that she tried to hurt herself instead of someone else is a better choice.  How sad is that?  How sad is it that the placement change she wants desperately--to be near to us--is the trigger for her de-regulation.

It is not unexpected.  Like an enhanced version of my Chet, she self sabotages and is her own biggest obstacle to the things that she wants.  AT this point the placement change is not jeopardized, but she missed this weekends visit due to the hospitalization.

Her emotions seems to ranging wildly from giddily calling me and talking about how excited she is to think of being nearer to us, and anger/despair/fear.  I don't know exactly how to help her except to just continue being who I am and sayinbg the stuff I always say.

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