Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rob's College Phone Interview

So at 17, Rob is starting to look at colleges for next year.  Gulp.  I have never done this with any of my kids as Chet was not able to attend.  So it is not just a new experience for him, but new for me as a parent.  While I went to college (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and college syllabus' were carved in stone) much has changed in academia.  Also, Rob is not looking at a community college as I did.  He wants to pursue a career in culinary and is choosing colleges with the long term goal of obtaining skills to help him open his own business about 10 years after graduation.

Last night, one of the colleges that he is interested in, did a 90 minute phone interview with he and I.  It was so much information I think we both felt pretty blitzed.  I made lots of notes and he has started a folder as he wants to be able to compare the schools as we gather our data. He will probably put them on some kind of a spread sheet but it was easier to jot things old school while we talked.

This school is in Oregon and it is so hard to think of Rob being on the other coast line.  On the other hand, I know that Portland Oregon could be a good fit for him.  Kind of trendy, funky, very environmentally friendly; all those things speak to both he and I. The fact that you don't need a car (which he likely would not have by then) to get around easily is another plus.  The school is located right on a very good public transportation system, and bikes are also both welcome and encouraged.

The school day is tailored to allow students to work part or full time in the culinary field while they are studying. This would be good for Rob, but he and I both think that part time is the way to start and the school admissions person seemed to agree.

Financing makes my head spin and that will be a whole other arena if he does in fact choose this school.  I feel like I just jumped on an amusement park ride.  It goes faster than a roller coaster and has unforeseen dips and turns.  Holding on for dear life!  LOL

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