Saturday, September 21, 2013

Farewell to Summer

Fiona came to visit today.  We had a lot of fun. We went to the library and the kids picked their books.  We picked up lunch at Subway and brought that home for lunch. (yay for $5.00 footlongs for this month!) Then we went apple picking at our local city orchard.  Years ago, this lovely orchard was up for sale and plans were in the works for it to be sold for housing development.  A massive effort and many donations and fundraisers allowed our city to purchase it and preserve the beautiful space.  It is a working, thriving orchard with over 5000 apple trees and 40 different varieties.  This is also the site where we typically have a community garden plot yearly.

We had a blast picking apples, and taking a wagon ride through the orchard, soaking up the history of the area. Then we went to the house of a person K cleans for.  They were away for the weekend and we are dog sitting their sweet baby.  We took Jersey for a walk, and she soaked up all the love and adoration all the kids lavished on her. She clearly is missing her family and her own little girl.

On the way home we stopped and chose pumpkins. The kids had a blast doing this and the front and back porch look ready for the new season now.  Then here at home they played in the back yard, helped with laundry, played Wii and had supper. Rob helped me make rigatoni, K made garlic bread, Rob and I made butterscotch graham cookies for dessert. It was a lovely day and though I hate to see summer go, it was nice to bid farewell with all of us together.

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