Monday, September 9, 2013

KC Keeps Connections

I have never had a kid feel the importance of connections with family and friends as profoundly as KC does.  He is very worried because Fiona is in the hospital and missed her visit with us.  "It's just not the same when she isn't here" he moaned to me and he chattered like a magpie to her on the phone later in the day. This is good for Fi as her emotions have been all over the place lately. She needs to hear from as many people as possible how much we love her and that things are going to be different when she moves, but they are going to be okay.
I have to explain that to the other kids.  KC just knows it intuitively.

But this is also the same kid who got up on Sunday and before he had even had breakfast said, "hey, it's grandparent's day today. I really need to call Nana." And he did. I didn't have to remind him.  He just did it. 

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