Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fiona is struggling

Fiona is presently in the hospital. She had a brief hospitalization last Wednesday.  Did not stay overnight but did have a transport there due to attempts at self harm.  This past weekend she apparently had another significant incident while on a school trip and is presently in the adult psych ward of a hospital.  We are all pretty sure that the trigger is the recent meeting that occured planning for her placement in December.

On the plus side, Fiona called me herself from the hospital. That is really good as she has typically not initiated contact when these incidents occur.  But obviously,  I am worried for her, and Fiona is worried that her planned visit for this coming weekend is jeopardized.  Depending on how stable she seems, I may suggest we step it back to a day visit only this weekend. It was supposed to be an overnight but if she is still not really stable, I worry about trying to do that.  Also the information I got from the Great School this morning indicates that she will likely be in the hospital till at least Thursday. That is not much time to re-settle at school before coming out here.  Fiona does not do well with transitions, much like my Chet.

I have the number of her room at the hospital, so I will call Fi tonight and see how she is doing and reassure her of our love and connections.

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