Friday, September 20, 2013

Lissa wants hip hop

Last night was KC's first hip hop class of the season.  He was super excited. We picked up his friend, whose mom has a scheduling conflict, and my brood plus M made it to class on time. This is something of a miracle as I have to get across town through a maze of road construction at the moment!

While we were in the lobby during KC's class, Lissa told me she really REALLY (caps for her emphasis!) wants to take hip hop.  By the schedule of the school, she is a year too young.  But I promised her that I would email Miss H. and ask, which I did.

She is going to be a happy girl because she can join the class next week!

Last night while we were doing piece work, my wife was talking about some local festivals and events that we could consider going to this fall.  I love that we are able to look at these things together now, because her work schedule has changed.  We have been able to reconnect a lot since her job change and it is awesome.

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