Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Keeping Up is hard to do!

Keeping up with the kids schedules that is!  With the end of camping, so ends what passes for quiet time at our house.  Last night was Lissa's first dance class of the season. She is taking on Tuesday nights now from 5 to 6 pm.  I get out of work at 4 so it is a quick turnaround to get her there on time.  Tuesday is also the night that Fiona calls us.  I made arrangements for her to call in on my cell phone instead of the house phone so that was not disrupted at all.

Then en route to the school, Rob saw a Facebook alert that his older brother was going to be on a local radio station.  We tried to hear him, listening before dance, on the way home from dance and at home, but must have missed his interview.  I don't know if he just chatted with the DJ or got to play some music.  It is a big station that he was on though so it is definately a good thing for his career.  I went to his Facebook page this morning and congratulated him and sure enough there was a wicked cool picture of him and the DJ that was on last night.  Although we didn't hear him, at least I could share the news of it with Fiona and she was so excited.  Squealing and shrieking in my ear!

Tongiht Rob is getting together with his girlfriend so I am on the road again. Mid week visiting will be very seldom during the school year and I have explained that to him.  But they have not seen each other in a couple weeks and are having love bird withdrawals. LOL

Tomorrow, KC starts dance and I have to also get across town and pick up my girlfriends daughter for the hip hop class.  This was a relatively easy prospect when I offered to do it.  In the interim they have begun bridge work on the highway and closed the ramp to the other highway I would usually pick up to go get her.  So I must find another route and hope it is all doable by 5 p.m.!  Maybe they will finish road construction quickly?  Wait, I think I saw a pig fly!

Meanwhile, there are lots of homeschool things going on and Rob is exploring a new volunteer opportunity next week. I think I will go take a vitamin!

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