Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dancinig around the world

Yesterday there was a program of Balinese dancers at the school where my wife works at night. She was told she could watch the program and bring the kids if she wanted to.  I could not go as it fell during working hours, but I had glowing reports from all who attended.  I love kids getting exposed to other cultures and this was a fantastic way to do that.  Also found out later that this same dance troupe will be performing in the Big City tomorrow night to standing room only crowds at a very prestigious venue.  And my family saw them for free!  What a gift that is!

It is also observation week at the kids dance school.  Most weeks the curtains are firmly shut, preventing students from mugging for parents and parents from interfering with class.  But once every 6 to 8 weeks the curtains open and we parents glimpse what  our kids have been working on.  Well, sometimes.  Sometimes there is so much goofing around going on in there I just say a prayer for Miss Heidi the teacher! Last night I watched Lissa's ballet and tap class.  Lissa has gorgeous posture and a lithe lean frame.  She is not an innate ballet or tap dancer the way her brother is. But she has definately improved and absolutely loves it.  The absolutely loves it is the key thing for me anyway. She has a lot of friends there and it is a great energy burn to boot. She eats and enormous supper when we get home and trots off to bed willingly.  Another win!

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