Thursday, November 28, 2013


The meal has not happened.  The relatives have not yet arrived. But I am very thankful.

I am grateful for quiet moments like this, watching the two sisters quietly doing things together.  Lissa so looks up to Fiona and Fi is a great big sister to her.

I am thankful that my family has grown and widened. I am a part of my children's extended family and they are part of mine.  "Blurred Lines" to quote the title of a song are good things when your children are not of your blood and bone.  That we can all laugh together and enfold our children is important to me.  Our kids don't have to choose, there is hopefully never shame attached to their family of origin.  I respect them and enjoy their company.  They have not always made the choices I would make, but they were their choices and they did the best they could at the time.

I am thankful that we have built family tradtions and that many of them are simple--like helping sort the cranberries before I make the sauce.
I am thankful for home made pies--home made everything really. The taste of fresh produce, the savory dishes and the sweet finales, it is all good!

And I am thankful for my wife, who walks this journey with me.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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