Sunday, November 10, 2013

Party like a rock star!

Fiona was out for the day yesterday.  KC was not around too much for this visit as he had two special events on his calendar.  A published author was visiting his writing club and he was invited to his first "boys only" birthday party for a friend.  He was excited but very sad he was missing most of Fi's visit. She felt likewise.

Although his absence gave us an opportunity to go to the movies and see "Free Birds" I am glad they missed each other so much.  I think it shows that even when Rob is not geographically near us, she is connected enough to the rest of rhe family that she will still feel loved and want to be here.

When KC and K got home (bringing Chinese food, which is a rare treat at our house) we all had supper and shared our days.  Rob, Lissa, Fi and I had made some seasonal crafts in addition to going to the movies. Chet had come with us to the movies and had a lot of fun there.  He adores animated films and thankfully there look to be a small rush of them in the pipeline right now.

While I cleaned up after supper the two littles and Fiona went in the living room and pretended they were rock stars. Hence the above picture.  Rob could not be convinced that he should join the band!

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