Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Thanksgiving Wrap up

 Little Sis and Big Sis.  Lissa even wanted me to do her hair as close to Fi's as possible.  As I showered the wee miss tonight she told me today was the best day ever!
 KC adores watching the Macys parade with his Auntie Lynne.
 Rob worked hard in the kitchen peeling spuds and carrots, helping with myriad cooking duties.  However note in picture that follows that he looks spiffy in a suit coat! This guy has a natural sense of style.
 Part of the family.  Chet had a good time and held together pretty well, all things considered.  A bonus is that Lynne always brings him a bunch of magazines that he likes to read (People magazine and such that she subscribes to)  After the meal, he retires to his room to decompress but has the magazines so he never minds going up.
 Our table, pre-feast.  You can not tell in the picture, but KC made place cards for everyone this year.  He also decided to write the blessing.
 Side table gussied up with a cornucopia and fall themed things.
More of the family horsing around during the meal.

This was perhaps the least stressful Thanksgiving we have ever had.  This is largely in part because my wife liked the holiday for the first time this year.  She was fully present today and had a lot of fun.  It was a delicous meal and she was open to suggestions on ways to keep things warm etc.  Fiona loved everything and the warmth of family is a memory I'll hold long into winter's chill.

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