Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankful for. . .

I've been writing a thankful note on Facebook each day during November.  I like seeing others put forth their thanks as well.  It is easy to forget that we can be thankful for small things and that they can make a big difference.  Like say, successfully moving our couch out of our living room.

We are putting tables for dining in our living room for Thanksgiving.  It will allow us to seat 13 comfortablely and in the same room.  Our old Victorian is large but the rooms were never engineered for large gatherings.  So our dining room can mash about 10 people in with a shoe horn but more than that is not possible.

Today we had to move out the couch and all the other things so that my wife can steam clean the rugs and so we could try the table set up and make sure what looked perfect on paper could work in real life.  Things went pretty well till the couch got stuck in the doorway. . .  We figured out that we could take off the legs which helped.  Then we figured out that if we canted it on its side it helped even more.  It is a sleeper sofa so it is fairly heavy but Rob is a great mover.  Meanwhile, ever watchful for the cat who thought this was  a good time to twine between our legs, the dog who was having a breakdown over the removal of his sleeping spot, the kids who were running a remote control car on the floor in front of us. . . it got moved.  It is now in our work room till Friday.  Like I said, small things are worth gratitudes, aren't they?

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