Thursday, July 17, 2014

Camping Recap

We are back from 5 days of camping in the White Mountains.  We were way up, at a campground with friends.  2 families that I know pretty well, one family is a friend of one of my friends and I only know them through our camping adventures.  Between us there were more than 14 kids.  There was always someone to play with, especially as other camping kids began to mix in and join in the fun.  There were late night swims in the rain. There were visits to Santas Village (including bringing one of Rob's new found friends along with us).  We had a few campfires but lots of rain so not as many as usual. Laughter. Card games. Time to read my Kindle. Talking with people I knew and people I didn't.

I loved watching the kids roam. There is an  unfettered aspect to camping that is so good for kids.  The world becomes wider and our rhythms are set to the natural world.  My kids are very outgoing and there were always gaggles of kids at our site, or they were off to one of the adjacent sites.  The sites are all in a giant field so I could always see them, yet they had this feeling of freedom and autonomy.

There really was a ton of rain and I am proud that my kids had fun despite that. There was no whining or complaining. They figured out ways to continue having fun and went with it.  Now today we are back to the work world and I am trying to recalibrate!

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