Saturday, July 19, 2014

Exciting Invite!

Last night Rob came and let me know that his brother Dee had texted him. Dee and his fiancee are expecting a child and are having a baby shower next Saturday. We are invited.  I am excited.  I am also petrified as it is in a city south of the Big City and requires me driving us on busy highways in unfamiliar areas.  But I will do this.

I am anxious to see Dee and to meet his fiancee and to celebrate with everyone.  KC and Lissa and Rob are excited. Fiona will find out about this today when she comes for the weekend. Dee is a super nice young man and I am so glad that he reached out and invited us.  In a follow up text that I had Rob send (so that I could google directions etc) he confirmed that he was inviting all of us.  My wife is not coming, partly because she has a hard time emotionally in large groups and partly because her back has really been bothering her and this involves over an hours car drive.  But Rob explained that and I will be sure that she has a card filled with good wishes for us to bring.

Today when Fiona comes she and Rob and I will pick out gifts from their baby registry.  Then we are going blueberry picking so that we can have a blueberry pie with supper.  We stopped at a farm stand and got fresh corn this morning so it's a grilling kind of day here!

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