Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Berry Enjoyable Day

It doesn't take much to please me!  A day picking berries with my kids and my wife.  That'll do it!  Rob's holding all the blueberries. Raspberries were somewhat harder to find, being pretty picked out. KC is holding that haul.  Rob's planning to make raspberry cheesecake and I all ready put together a lucious fresh blueberry pie.  Barely made a dent in all we picked, so tomorrow a.m. we'll have blueberry muffins with our Sunday breakfast and then I'll freeze the rest for later use. I love supporting local growers and keeping my eco-footprint as light as possible. I loved listening to the frog chug-a-rumming in the farm pond while we picked.  It was cloudy, as it seems to be most of this summer in the Northeast, but for picking it was nice.  And seriously, with our dearth of sun, we all have learned to have fun no matter what.

My morning glories are growing like crazy.  They are another thing I love about summer. Morning glories are      a flower that just lifts my spirit and my beloved wife planted a bevy of them right outside our back door.   Fiona is here for the weekend and we had a nice supper tonight of veggie burgers, corn on the cob, fries and pie for dessert.  Later in the vening, the kids watched a Disney movie while I did Lissa's hair.  Despite the destraction, my youngest really does not like to sit still for hair.  Normally I do about 10 or 15 minutes of detangling and styling.  Tonight I felt she was fairly captive but she informed me that she wants locks sometime soon so she doesn't have to keep sitting for hair regularly.  I did remind her that they are not totally carefree but I do think perhaps they would be a good fit for her temperment.  It is more having the time and money to get them done at this point.

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