Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Almost Halloween!

I keep thinking things can't get busier and then of course, our family proves me wrong!  LOL  This weekend Fiona was home and we had a great time together.  Sunday was shopping, church and then the kids and I walked the CROP walk. (a walk which raises money for food pantries) It was a looooong day.

KC woke up with a fairly heavy cold on Monday.  Yay. Good timing there buddy, since Saturday he is invited to his girl friends birthday party and Sunday afternoon is KC and Lissa's Halloween party extravaganza.  Some 30 odd kids at the clubhouse where I work. Costumes Games. Food. Fun. Madness.

This week in addition to train pickups and drop offs, dance lessons, Scouts and runny noses, (oh yeah, and work!!)  I will be making and decorating cupcakes and cookies, making decorations, creating a bean bag toss game and finding my old portable coat rack in our attic.  (the plan is to set this just outside the function room and hang the doughnuts from it for the doughnut eating contest.)

My wife is even going to help with the event with is amazing! I have never had her around at any of the other kids parties I have done. This is extremely cool. And Rob, my seasoned party side kick, will be there as well.

It will be fun. Memories will be made.

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