Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spooktacular Success!

We have partied and fun was had by all!  There were about 37 kids all told. It was loud, busy, chaotic, messy and all around fun! I loved that the kids had friends from all their various walks of life.  I loved that their parents-my friends--all got along so well.  I also loved that my wife was part of this extravaganza.

This is unusual as my wife is profoundly introverted.  In the case of opposites attracting, I am not.  For me,planning a party--throwing a party--it's all fun.  Really. I am not joking.  I thought it was a BLAST!  My wife has always been away for any of the various summer parties I have thrown for the kids.  As a result, she has not really ever had a chance to get to know most of my friends. A few that we get together with one on one, yes. But there are a lot that she has never met till today.  Now she can put names to faces, and she said that they are all really nice.  (um, yeah otherwise we would not be friends! LOL) To see K mingling and really reaching out to connect with people though was a very special gift.

As with most parties, I find that you plan a bunch of games and they play half of them and create others on the fly.  The toilet paper mummy game was a HUGE success.  I think I have never seen that much toilet paper on the floor anywhere, ever!  The donut eating contest was also fun.  We had a couple races and then we wound up with unexpected games such as trying to see how far you could throw the ping pong ball "eyes" that we had used for a spoon race.

My kids had a blast and are thoroughly exhausted.  They may even sleep till 7 tomorrow.

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