Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The weekend was fun!

It has been a lovely holiday weekend here.  Weather wise it has been off and on, but just having the time as a family and a bit of time to slow down, or do things differently has been so appreciated.  For instance at 6 a.m. the two littles crawl into my bed and we all read our respective books till 7 on a holiday! Some people might think that a weird holiday weekend tradition but it works for us!  I am deep into the Game of Thrones series and trying to grab any free minute I have for reading.

We went to a corn maze yesterday and had a blast.  Capped off the jaunt with apple cider donuts so fresh they were literally made as we watched.  The kids inhaled them. (ahem, so did the adults!)

We ALL had dinner together last night.  Typically my wife is gone at the dinner hour so this is a huge treat.  We also tried a new vegetarian loaf recipe that was exceptionally delish!

The kids and  I researched games for the Halloween party they are having on the 26th. It is fast approaching and with the other demands on time and energies, I need to keep on top of this one.  They picked out some cute games ideas but some of them require some prep work and I will need to be on that.

Fiona will be back this weekend for an overnight and on Sunday the kids and I will walk in the CROP walk with our church.  This is a fundraiser for our Loaves and Fishes food pantry.  The moeny goes to a wider agency but most of the money that our food pantry receives comes via the funds raised through the CROP walk.  We are the only food pantry in that particular zip code and the need is great.  So we are walking.  The littles are very excited as they have never done it before.

Now it is time to don my work and chauffeur hats and get Rob to the train station for school and myself to work!

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