Sunday, February 22, 2009

Iraq hits home

There are not a lot of times that I am grateful that my eldest is pretty severely disabled. But this week I was. Our town had its first fatality in the Iraq war. A young 22 y/o only 2 months into his first deployment.

Our city gave him a heroes welcome home and the papers were full of stories about how many people attended the wake, how the large church where the funeral was held was jammed to overflowing. . . and as a mom that wouldn't have helped me a heck of a lot.

When Chet was 18 he really wanted to enlist. I didn't say anything as i was reasonably sure that no branch of the military would accept him and thankfully I was right. At the time I felt so badly for him. I told him today how grateful I was. It took him a bit of time to get what I meant, but he finally did and he gave me a wry grin.

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