Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day prep

I have always loved Valentines Day. Kirsty used to hate it; convinced it was a holiday created by Hallmark Industries. Ah, the cynical view wounds my romantic heart to the core! LOL Actually Valentines Day isn't even all about romance in our house. Though I try to always do something special for my wife, I just love a chance to put up decorations and have fun.

This has been helpful this week as KC has had a cold and basically been icky sicky since Saturday. He has felt just well enough to be a nudge, not well enough to do much of anything. So having something new to pique his interest, well that was a very good thing. We worked on making Valentine placemats last night. The kids have only 2 left to do and they really are pretty. Foam with hearts stuck all over them in surprisingly well thought out patterns. I tend to stay out of the creative end; just sort of get the stuff out and see what they do, where they go with it. Sometimes they want input, sometimes they have an artistic vision. I have noticed that Robbie seems to learn a lot from KC's creativity. KC isn't always able to physically do what he can envision, but he can begin it and almost always articulate it which means Rob can then help if needed. It is a great thing for both of them as Rob never really had the kind of opportunities to foster creativity at the young age when it is most needed.

Tonite they put up a bunch of our paper Valentine decorations in our dining room. Fat Cupids are on the china cabinet doors and shiny hearts adorn the windows. I can tell who put up what based on the height of the decoration relative to the floor. :-)

They have been making Valentines for about 2 weeks now and have enough for the family all made. I need to get going on mine soon or they are going to show me up! One of our other family traditions is that all Valentines that we give one another are hand made.

I haven't decided what we will do for our Valentine party. But it will be fun. Hallmark won't make a penny off us but it will give us a chance to celebrate that which is best and brightest in our lives--the love we have for one another.

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