Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Of Body Functions

I am guessing that most parents of young children have dealt with body noises being oh so very humerous? I hope I am not the only one! No wait, I have read about something similar on another blog. I can sigh with relief, we are not the only ones!

Yesterday I wrote on the joys of music class. Then I told Kirsty about it and she cracked up. Yes, they played with ribbons. Yes they did all that I said, and more. So much more!

Because yesterday at music class, the divine Miss Patty (that would be new agey Miss Patty with the sparkly breath imagery etc) sang a song about kids and asked what other funny sights or sounds could happen to the kids in the song (thinking her little adorable band of preschoolers would have cute things for the kids in the song to do ) KC, always eager to please Miss Patty promptly raises his hand. "something fartish?" he suggests with a grin. Kirsty who is at class looks around for a trap door to fall through. None are visible. "Fartish?" falters Miss Patty (no doubt her breath decidedly unsparkly now). "Ummmm" she trails off.

"You know fartish" KC says more insistantly. "That's a funny noise!"

Miss Patty decides that maybe they should just say "stinky smell" and devises an appropriate gesture to illustrate this with in the song.

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