Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Music Class begins again

KC's other music class (the one we found before we found the one down the street!) just started up again and yesterday was his first lesson back with Miss Patty. He was soooooo excited. I came home from work and he ran up and excitedly told me that she played tango music. "I just LOVE tango music" he said as he danced all around me. The funny thing is that when he was an infant, the 2 CD's I played the most when I fed him were my Bob Marley CD and a CD of some spanish music. They are both faves of mine, but reggae and spanish music have become some of his favorites as well. Obviously all those people who talk about how much music is imprinted into our kids and its benefits to them are totally right.

I am also celebrating because I don't have a headache today! Yippee for me! :-)

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