Monday, February 9, 2009

Things I hate!

I feel like a pariah at work right now. Without going into detail much it is a really wonky situation. A current co worker also rents here. I have to do paperwork because we are federally subsidized. This year there are new documents I am required to get copies of. They reveal said coworker is not in the country within the guidelines which entitle them to live in this type of housing. They will have to move. This totally rots. This person is a good worker and isn't looking for a handout. We aren't even talking about obtaining a deep income based subsidy. The rules apply for everyone who lives on our property regardless of whether they actually get deep subsidy or not.

So Friday I had to notify my boss, meet with the coworker, and explain that he has to move. He is a good worker and his employment will not change because he works through an agency for us and isn't direct payroll. He is a good tenant too. Keeps a clean apartment, pays his rent, in all respects except the way he entered our country, he is the kind of person you would want to have working for you and renting from you. And now he and his 6 year old son will need to move. Because if one of the many agencies that review my files saw what I found in his background it wouldn't be just him losing housing, it would be me losing my job and others possibly as well.

Things are so awkward now. He doesn't speak much to me anymore, won't meet me eyes when I talk to him. I don't know if he is angry at me, ashamed of the situation or some combination of both. Sigh. Did I say I hate this?

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