Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Of Chet and Albatross

Last night we were working and my wife was listening to oldies on www.pandora.com I can't remember the name of the song (I am one of those people who listen to the top 40 songs most of the time). But it was a Little River Band Song. And there was a phrase about "the albatross and something else being his brother." All I can ever do is hum along when she plays oldies. I know I loved them at some point in my life but I can't remember the lyrics. Anyway, I digress. She belts out the line about the albatross and I said that albatross always remind me of Chet. She stared at me as though I had 3 heads and asked why.

The thing is albatross are sort of ungainly and awkward birds to me--until they fly. To me, Chet is like that. Physically and socially he is awkward. He takes over long strides when he walks, sticks his head sort of forward on his neck and swings his arms way out. Socially, he still has tremendous difficulties handling social cues.

But then he flies! On the way home from church Sunday he was talking with me about the stimulus check that Social Security recipients are supposed to receive. $250.00 which to Chet is a fortune. I had brought up the subject because I wanted him to start thinking about anything he might want to use the money for. Making decisions is usually very challenging for him. He thought a while and decided he needed a new personal CD player. What about a flat screen TV? No, his old TV worked, was the response. I tried to point out that the CD player was not a real expensive item and he all ready had money available for that but no, that was what he felt he should use the stimulus funds for. Then he was quiet a minute. Then in a rush he said that the rest of the money should go to church so our minister could use it to help people who are having a hard time in this economy. (there was a small digression here where he tried to rant about the former president but I managed to redirect so he could stay on topic!) He couldn't remember the name of what he was referring to, but what he meant was a ministerial discretionary fund. And he is right. Many people have been hit so hard economically. It is "found money" and it is an opportunity for him to do something tangible to help others. He was so happy that he had a solution--I think in his mind now he didn't need to worry about the money any more. And I was so proud that despite his many challenges, in that one moment, he soared.

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Yondalla said...

what a wonderful idea for the money.