Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's Christmas Again?

Yup, it was Christmas again at our house as my inlaws came to celebrate with us today.  I was thrilled.  Last year a series of weather and health related issues kept us from celebrating and when the dust settled--well no one really wanted to do Christmas in May!  LOL

It was an amazing day.  I am often nervous about this holiday with my inlaws. I love them all dearly, but they all have more disposable income than we do.  I suspect the fact that we have kids and none of them do have something to do with things. But regardless, I always feel like our gifts somehow fall a bit short when they wheel in the latest and greatest.  Part of me knows (and genuinely believes) that it is the being together, the thought behind the gift that matter greatly.  But part of me wails (I got you gloves and you gave me __fill in blank with expensive something!)

What made today different?  There were still expensive things, but they seemed to genuinely love what we had chosen for them.  AND, they had brought gifts for Fiona.  This is huge to me.  My inlaws have had a harder time understanding our desire for a large family and Fiona's place in our family.  Yet they quietly reached out with very appropriate gifts, very similar in scope to what was done for all our other kids.

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