Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Refining Systems

One of the hard things about a large family is finding systems that work. By that I mean all kinds of systems. Time management--orchestrating all the showers--mmmm, not as easy as you might think! Keeping track of where everyone needs to be--let me introduce you to our color coded giant calendar!  Laundry schedules, meal planning.  It takes a certain level of diligence as it is not easy to fly by the seat of your pants for 6 or 7 people.  Or at least, I have not successfully ever managed that.

The other thing that requires fairly regular reassessment is our storage systems as the needs change as the littles grow older.  This year represented the first year that they got more games as opposed to the big space sucking toys like doll houses and blocks.   We have spent the past few days refining some storage options, both adult and kid.  It has been remarkably easy this year.  Some years, the changes needed seem to be bigger than others.  Some years, the kids are more resistant than others.  This year, even KC (who is a mini hoarder of epic proportions) got into the spirit of it and helped reconfigure his art area and his learning center as well as the game cabinet.  We all noticed how much more peaceful the house felt as we went through these changes.  They were a good start to the new year.

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