Friday, January 10, 2014

Introducing G--the newest member of Team Fiona!

Last night when I got home from dance with the littles, Rob had a phone message for me.  G. from DDS had called and would like me to call back.  I tried her this a.m. from work and left a voice mail.  I tried right before lunch and left another voice mail.  I knew that this was about Fiona but did not know details.

G. finally connected with me in the early afternoon. She is a really nice person. She is from the city which originally had Fiona's DCF case and will eventually transition Fi to someone up here. But as the originating city, her office will help insure that all the proper services are in place.  How totally cool!

G. needed some help as the person who was originally going to handle this is out on medical leave.  She needed easy stuff, like the phone number for the home where Fi lives and the contact numbers and names of the director and such.  I have a "Fiona" file on my computer email so I had all of that and more.

She commented on how helpful this was, and I said that because I was Fiona's guardian I wanted to make sure I had all my facts so that she would always get the kind of care and supports that she needs.  It turned out G. did not know that I was the guardian.  I said I was but that I did not have the legal document showing it yet.  However I did have the name, phone number and address of the legal folks that took care of this in the faraway city.  She will call them as they are geographically close to her and is thinking she can supply me with this document next week.

Normally I would not be that fixated on a piece of paper, but it seems to be very crucial to me getting information from the folks at Fiona's new residence.  I emailed them asking about the day services that I was told she was going to receive.  I was told that when I send them the guardianship paper that they will tell me.  This may be some weird HIPPA reg, but I sort of think she isn't getting the services.  (since she told me she sits around all day watching movies.)  I know she needs this for her mental health.  So getting the paper sooner rather than later will help.  G. will also help find out details about services when I shared that I was unsure what level of supports she was receiving.

G hopes to be in our area on Wednesday. She has a number of appointments for other clients and wants to meet with Fiona at her home in the afternoon.  She offered to come by my house and meet with me afterwards.  I could not believe the graciousness of such an offer.  I look forward to meeting with her next week.  And tomorrow, Fi is here for the day.  We hope to go shopping, plan her guardianship celebration, make snowflakes out of paper, watch a movie and hang out.

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