Thursday, January 2, 2014

The memory file

  This is our memory folder.  It is just a sleeve we made years ago and hang in the kitchen near a big stack of 3 x 5 cards.  As things happen during the year, we grab a card, jot a sentence or two about the event or experience, and if you are anyone but me, you probably remember to date your entry.  I seem to be fairly unable to remember the dating of the entry with any degree of consistancy.  Every year, we just put the new year on the front of the folder.  This year I printed out numbers  using my scrapbook program and had them without color on the inside.  Each kid took a number and decorated it using the Zentangle concept any way they chose.  Something we did differently from traditional Zentangle was to incorporate color, but the end result is fantastic.  I love how they are all unique and yet flow together.  

It is fun to look back at the things that are important to us over the years. Entries are pretty varied, camping trips, lost teeth, training wheels coming off, piano recitals, hair cuts, spills off bikes, rainbows.  I wonder what memories we will treasure from this year?

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