Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  May 2014 be filled with joy, challenges and new experiences for all.  We said farewell to 2013 last night with all the kids and Drew, Rob's best friend.  His parents and sister were away so he asked if he could hang with us.  I am never upset over having an extra kid or two (or three) in the mix.  And the idea of anyone being 19 and alone on New Years Eve was too sad to contemplate.  Drew has many similarities to my Chet, though he functions at a higher level.  Making the leap into adulthood has been hard for Drew and he is working hard to find a place for himself in that new role.  Yet in many ways, he is still a kid--loving to have wii battles with KC as much as hang with Rob.

We had apps for supper, themed to represent different regions of the US.  Every year we try new recipes and this year was no exception. Rob found a killer corn chowder recipe.  It is really really good and will definately be made again.  Pioneer Woman again rose to the challenge with salted pita crisps and a hot black eyed pea dip that Rob and I kind of shamelessly pigged out on.   There were french bread pizza slices with a variety of toppings and tiny taco bites.  All easy to eat, all yummy.

The kids did a lot of video games till about 10 and then we started watching Times Square.  At midnight we toasted with sparkling cider, Drew's parents called to wish him happy new year, Rob texted his girl friend and we all hit the hay.

Today,  I suspect that I will spend the majority of the day keeping tired littles from having giant attacks of the crankies.  But I am still enjoying the day.  As Rob steps ever closer to adulthood, I am keenly aware that some of these experiences will change in the near future. Next year,  we may be getting a call on New Years Eve or New Years Day, instead of hanging out with him playing guitar hero.

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