Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We are Family Forever!

I got a call from Amazing Jane today at work. She said she had gotten an email from Fiona's former DCF caseworker saying that I was legally appointed her guardian on December 31st!  I am really excited that this has happened.  Of course, tonight, Fiona called and she was very upset with the staff and the other house members and was not at all having a good day.  I am not sure how much is her mental health issues and how much is some things that need to be addressed, but at least now, I feel that i can email and call staff and speak from a position of team member instead of the quasi interloper kind of thing. Hopefully Fi will be home this Saturday for a visit.  I'd like her to help me plan a way to celebrate this.  Maybe pick a restaurant that she loves for a special dinner out and invite Amazing Jane and Fiona's friend O who now also lives in our area?

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Anonymous said...

(Tried to post this before, but failed)
So cool! Am very happy for your family.
--random internet stranger who works in child welfare and appreciates all you do.