Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Polar Vortex Times

I am enjoying reading about my southern blog friends and the polar vortez.  It is cold there for them.  But guys, it is way colder here!  LOL  However, misery loves company; we are all in this together.  I am struggling with the cold personally.  I have Reynauds and can't feel my hands or toes most winter days anyway.  It is a lot more intense right now and it is sapping to my strength.  I am girding myself for things that are normal--like getting out of bed. Bed is warm.  The rest of my world?  Not so much.  But this too will pass.

On the positive side of things; I tell myself I will come out of the vortex a few pounds lighter as I am probably burning mega calories trying to stay warm.

Yesterday we made the big technological leap into Fios!  We have had a different type of phone  and internet service, a different type of TV service and a different long distance carrier.  All three of those bills added together are more than what I will pay for our new bundle.  But there is a bonus!  I can now turn on the TV!  For some reason with our old system it was hard to turn on the TV.  There were multiple buttons one had to use.  You had to check for a blue or red light on the cable box, it was way past my skill set.  (Mostly because I don't care that much about TV and i knew I had 4 kids in the house who could turn it on for me!)  But this? My personal independence has rocketed to the stratisphere.  I can turn on the television!

What can I say?  Small things rock my world. . .

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